2018 6M3 and 10M3 Helium Gas to Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons

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US $20-130 / Piece | 100 Piece/Pieces Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
300000 Piece/Pieces per Month Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons
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Quick Details
Industrial Gas
High, High Pressure Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons
Model Number:
Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons
Refillable Helium Tanks
Gas Feature:
Colorless, odorless gas
Refillable Helium Tanks
Cylinder working test pressure:
150bar-200bar Refillable Helium Tanks
Cylinder Standard:
GB5099/ISO9809 Refillable Helium Tanks
Cylinder Volume:
1.4Liter-80Liter Refillable Helium Tanks
Cylinder Material:
37Mn/34CrMo4 Refillable Helium Tanks
Cylinder Color:
According to customer's requirement.
Cylinder Valve:
According to customer's requirement.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Seamless Steel Refillable Helium Tanks, each cylinder to be protected by two poly-nets , according to your requirement.
Delivery Time
Within 3-4 weeks after the receipt of deposit.

6M3 and 10M3 Helium Gas to Refillable Helium Tanks Balloons

≥99.9% Industrial purity helium gas --- Standard:GB/4844;

≥99.995% Pure Helium Gas --- Standard:GB/T4844.2;

≥99.996% High Purity Helium Gas -Standard:GB/T4844.3.


Product Description

The gas industry relies heavily on cylinders to store and transport gases.

High-pressure gas cylinders for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, air etc
Manufacture Standard for our gas cylinders: GB5099, ISO9809.

The raw material is Seamless Steel Pipe.

Our Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders are mainly produced conformity with Standard GB5099, ISO9809 and EN1964. The raw material is either Seamless Steel Pipe or Steel Billet.


Our Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders can be widely used in many fields, such as industry, medical equipment, fire protection and scientific research, for storage and transport of permanent gases and high pressure liquefied gases, such as Oxygen Gas, Carbon Dioxide Gas, Argon Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Helium Gas, Carbon Monoxide Gas, SF6 Gas, N2O gas, Air, etc.

Application of Helium Gas:

  While balloons are perhaps the most well-known use of helium, they are a minor part of all helium use.


Gas tungsten arc welding

  • Helium is used as a shielding gas in arc welding processes on materials that at welding temperatures are contaminated and weakened by air or nitrogen.

Industrial leak detection

  • One industrial application for helium is leak detection. Because helium diffuses through solids three times faster than air, it is used as a tracer gas to detect leaks in high-vacuum equipment (such as cryogenic tanks) and high-pressure containers.


  • Because it is lighter than airairships and balloons are inflated with helium for lift. While hydrogen gas is also buoyant, helium has the advantage of being non-flammable (in addition to being fire retardant). Another minor use is in rocketry, where helium is used as an ullage medium to displace fuel and oxidizers in storage tanks and to condense hydrogen and oxygen to make rocket fuel. It is also used to purge fuel and oxidizer from ground support equipment prior to launch and to pre-cool liquid hydrogen in space vehicles.

Minor commercial and recreational uses

Scientific uses

  • The use of helium reduces the distorting effects of temperature variations in the space between lenses in some telescopes .
  • Helium is a commonly used carrier gas for gas chromatography.
  • The age of rocks and minerals that contain uranium and thorium can be estimated by measuring the level of helium with a process known as helium dating.

Our factory can also provide other high purity industrial gases and pure industrial gases.


Product name

Technical index(%)




Pure hydrogen




Electronic industry, testing

Pure helium




Electronic industry, chemical industry, analysis

Carbon Monoxide




Chemical industry, medical, analysis

High Purity Hydrogen




Chemical industry, electronic industry

High Purity Oxygen




Cutting, electronic industry, analysis

High Purity Argon




Multi gases mixture, electronical industry

High Purity Nitrogen




Electronical industry, smelting, analysis

High Purity CO2




Electronical industry, medical

High Purity Acetylene




Welding, chemical


1. GB5099/ISO9809  Refillable Helium Tanks



  1. The Refillable Helium Tanks should be stored in dry cool place, away from heat. And fireworks prohibited when use it. Refillable Helium Tanks shall not fall, impact and need to avoid exposure during transportation.
  2. Pay attention to safety use because this product is flammable and explosive. 
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